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Visas for Diplomats and Government Officials

Diplomats and Government Officials (Visa Class A, G, C-2 and C-3)

Diplomatic and government officials may qualify for a diplomatic or official class visa for travel to the United States related to official activities on behalf of your government or international organization. Local and provincial government officials do not qualify for A or G visas. Qualified visa applicants traveling to the United States for assignments of less than 90 days will be issued visas annotated “TDY” (temporary duty).

Diplomatic passport holders who wish to travel to the United States on personal travel may be entitled to a B1/B2 tourist visa at no cost. Please contact the Embassy for further details. Additional information about U.S. visas for diplomats and government officials can be found here.

Types of Diplomatic and Official Visas

  • A-1: Head of State; an officer on permanent/long-term assignment at an accredited diplomatic or consular post; a position corresponding to that of the U.S. Cabinet; the presiding officer of a national legislative body; a member of the highest judicial tribunal.
  • A-2: Government officials on temporary assignment or short-term official business trip (90 days or less) to the United States; administrative and technical staff of an accredited diplomatic or consular post; members of armed services (military) traveling to the United States for education or training.
  • A-3: Personal or Domestic Employees of Officials holding an A-1 or A-2 visa.
  • C-2 or C-3: Officials transiting the United States en route to a foreign country, or to the United Nations Headquarters in New York for temporary business.
  • G-1: Officials assigned to a permanent mission of a recognized government to an international organization.
  • G-2: Representatives of a recognized government traveling to the United States temporarily to attend meetings of a designated international organization.
  • G-3: Representatives of non-recognized or non-member governments of an international organization.
  • G-4: Personnel who are proceeding to the United States to take up an appointment at a designated international organization, such as the United Nations.
  • G-5: Personal or Domestic Employees of Officials holding a G visa.
  • Family Members: Immediate family members (spouse, children under age 21) of a diplomat or official who qualifies for one of the above visa classes may also qualify for the same visa type as the principal applicant.

How to Apply for a Diplomatic or Official Visa

Applicants for Diplomatic and Official class visas do not need to appear for an interview nor pay the visa application fee (except A-3 and G-5 applicants). Please contact us via email (ConsularPortMoresby@state.gov) to advise us of your intent to apply and to schedule a time when a courier/your representative may drop off your application documents.

Applicants from Solomon Islands and Vanuatu: Applicants for A and G type visas are generally exempt from visa interviews and fees and do not need to travel to Port Moresby. You may mail your documents to the Embassy for processing. Please email us at ConsularPortMoresby@state.gov to request our mailing address and further instructions.

Required Documentation

You or your representative/courier must submit the following documents for each applicant for a diplomatic or official visa:

  1. The confirmation page of your completed DS-160 visa application; and,
  2. Your passport or other recognized travel document, such as a United Nations laissez-passer; and,
  3. A photo (2×2 inches or 5×5 cm) taken within the last 6 months; and,
  4. A-1, A-2, and C-3 applicants only: A diplomatic note or note verbale listing the following information for each traveler: name, date of birth, position/title, place of assignment or visit, purpose of travel, brief description of duties, anticipated travel dates/length of stay in the United States. If any dependents are traveling with the principal applicant, the note should also list for each dependent the name, date of birth, and relationship to the principal applicant.
  5. G-1 through G-4 applicants only: an official request from the appropriate international organization. The organization should send the request directly to the Embassy (ConsularPortMoresby@state.gov) in advance of submitting your application documents.

Additional documents are required for A-3 and G-5 applicants.