United States Coast Guard to Bolster APEC Security

United States Ambassador to Papua New Guinea Catherine Ebert-Gray and Royal Papua New Guinea Police Commissioner and Joint Security Task Force Commander, Gary Baki, today renewed their country’s cooperative efforts towards security assistance during APEC Leader’s Week through an unprecedented memorandum of understanding between the two countries.

U.S. Ambassador Ebert-Gray shaking hands with PNG Police Commissioner Gary Baki after signing the MOU

“APEC Leader’s Week marks the culmination of Papua New Guinea’s efforts over the past two years as a host of the 2018 Summit,” said Ambassador Ebert-Gray. “With dignitaries arriving from the twenty-one APEC economies, the United States and the U.S. Coast Guard is happy to offer its support in providing safety and security operations to supplement the JSTF’s efforts to protect Papua New Guinea ports, waterways, and coastal areas during this significant international event.”


Through meetings in Port Moresby in early September, the United States Coast Guard and U.S. Embassy staff met with the Joint Security Task Force and the International Law Division at Office of the State Solicitor to memorialize the support and services the United States Coast Guard will offer to Papua New Guinea to protect dozens of world leaders.


In signing this Memorandum of Understanding, the United States and Papua New Guinea reinforce Papua New Guinea’s domestic law and authorities, international law, bilateral agreements between the two nations, and pave the way for future cooperation.


The U.S. Embassy Regional Security Office and Defense Attaché have been instrumental in facilitating the MOU signing today and it signifies a greater working relationship in ensuring security for APEC 2018 and beyond.