Renewing Passport by Mail

To renew a passport by mail, you must complete Form DS-82, the “Application for Passport by Mail” (download form at bottom of page after reading ALL of these instructions)

You are eligible to use this form only if you meet all of the following criteria:

  • Your most recent passport was issued with full validity within the past 15 years.
  • You can submit your most recent passport with your application
  • You were age 16 or above when your most recent passport was issued

If you do not meet the above criteria, or if your passport was lost, stolen or damaged, you must use Application for Passort/Registration (Form DS-11).
See Application for U.S. Passport or Replacing a lost/stolen/damaged passport.

Notes on Completing Form DS-82

Each individual, regardless of age, must travel on his/her own passport. Children cannot be included on a parent’s passport. Type or print in block letters in black ink only. The Consular Officer may request an interview with the applicant in person if deemed necessary.  The applicant must complete all sections of the application form in BLOCK  letters and black ink.

Item No.19 of the application (Form DS-82): Oath and signature

Please read the paragraph under “Acts Or Conditions” on page 4 of the form before signing your application. If you have performed any of the acts outlined in this paragraph, cross out only the portion(s) of the applicable act(s) and submit a signed statement explaining the act(s) that you have performed together with your application.
Documents to be submitted with your application

All documents submitted with your application must NOT be laminated, must be either in their originals, or copies certified by the issuing authorities bearing the official’s seal and signature. Photocopies notarized by a Clerk of Court, Justice of the Peace, solicitors or Notary Public are not acceptable. A written official translation is required for any documents issued in languages other than English.

Proof of U.S. citizenship

  • Most recent passport issued with full validity in your own name.
  • Proof of identity

Current identifying documents bearing your current name, signature and physical description or photograph. Examples:

  • previous passport (provided you are recognizable in the photo), foreign passport, driver’s license, etc.
  • Photographs See Requirements for U.S. Passport Photos.
  • Evidence of change of name

A legal document regarding the change of your name (e.g. marriage certificate, divorce decree, court order, adoption decree, Deed Poll, Change of Name Certificate issued by the Registries of Births, Deaths & Marriages etc). The legal document must show the name on your current passport AND the name you are requesting to change to. A Statutory Declaration signed by a Justice of the Peace is not acceptable. A valid identifying document (e.g. driver’s license, foreign passport) bearing your new name should also be presented.

Passport fees/Validity Note: All fees are subject to change without notice.
Social Security Number

Applicants must provide their social security number. If you do not have one, or do not remember the number, enter zeroes in the boxes.
Collection of your passport and documents

If you wish to have your passport returned by mail, submit a pre-paid self-addressed envelope. Otherwise, you must collect your passport in person at the Consular Section in Port Moresby.
Where to Submit Your Application

Mail your completed application and supporting documents to the Consular Section of the U.S. Embassy in Port Moresby. You may also submit this form in person.

Download Passport Renewal Application Form

  • Submit ALL pages of the application forms.  Your application will not be accepted unless all pages are submitted.
  • The application forms must be printed clear and sharp; forms that are blurred or illegible will not be accepted.
  • Print the application forms on A4 size plain white photocopy paper with a matte surface. Thermal paper, dye-sublimation paper, special inkjet paper, and other shiny papers are not acceptable.
  • Print the application forms only on one side of a sheet of paper, not front and back.
  • The forms must be printed in black on white paper, not in colour print or on coloured papers.
  • Forms printed with dotted or broken lines, or blackout portions will not be accepted.Do not shrink the size of the forms for printing. Please make sure that the photograph area on the application form is 5 cm X 5 cm in order to attach the photograph correctly.

Application for Passport by Mail Form DS-82 (PDF 73 KB)