NGO Program Officer to learn from United States Experience

Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea: The U.S. Embassy in Papua New Guinea has selected Mary Boni, Senior Program Officer at the Consultative Implementation and Monitoring Council (CIMC), to participate in a professional development program for managers of non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Ms. Boni was selected based on her long and substantial career with NGOs in PNG, including environmental and climate change policy with the PNG Eco Forestry and now CIMC where she is responsible for designing programs that assist with the goal of the CIMC to ensure that dialogue, through the ongoing consultation processes, is sustained between government, private sector and the community at large and the recommendations made to government through this process are implemented.

CIMC Senior Program Officer Mary Boni with Ambassador Catherine Ebert-Gray.

Ms. Boni will take part in the prestigious International Visitor Leadership Program on NGO Management in the United States from March 5 to 23. As part of the program she will travel with other NGO managers from 16 countries and meet with representatives of NGOs in five different states including Washington DC, Missouri, New Mexico, Massachusetts and New York. She will explore strategies for strengthening leadership, engaging volunteers, using technology and social media, fundraising, and furthering an organization’s mission.

Because of her interest in improving ways civil society addresses public policy and national issues, Ms. Boni has committed to sharing her experience when she returns. The contacts, new ideas, and innovative approaches to NGO management that she encounters during her program will strengthen not only CIMC’s ability to fulfill its mission, but also help other NGO managers in PNG.