Joint Military Training underway in Papua New Guinea (November 25, 2016)

Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea: The United States Naval Ship (USNS) Pililaauarrived in Port Moresby as part of Exercise Koa Moana 16-4, a bilateral exchange between the U.S. Marine Corps, the U.S. Navy and the Papua New Guinea Defense Force (PNDF).

The current Koa Moana training iteration will focus on security operations in support of the PNGDF’s responsibilities for the upcoming Asia Pacific Economic Conference (APEC). U.S. Marines and Sailors are expected to conduct bilateral training in policing procedures, non-lethal weapons training, motorcade tactics, and guard mount with the PNGDF.

The purpose of this exercise is to improve interoperability with the PNGDF, enhance military-to-military relations, and expose U.S. Marine Corps forces to different types of terrain for familiarity in the event of a natural disaster in the region.

Through continued multilateral training, the partnership between the U.S. and regional allies is enhanced and strengthened to ensure the security and stability of the Asia-Pacific region. Koa Moana 16-4, like all multilateral training exercises, is dedicated to maintaining a flexible and effective force in readiness.

Exercise Koa Moana, which in Hawaiian means “Ocean Warrior,” provides a unique training opportunity for building stronger relationships and promoting capacity for training.