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Funeral Services Solomon Islands
February 2, 2022

Funeral Directors, Mortician and Related Services Available in the Host Country

There are no known funeral homes or undertakers in Solomon Islands.  The Embassy is aware of one small, locally owned business in Honiara that offers some funeral support services such coffin transportation via hearse and assistance arranging documents for exportation of remains.



General Conditions

Only basic mortuary services are available in Solomon Islands, most of which are located in Honiara. There are no known services available in the outer islands or provincial centers.  Bodies will need to be transported by inter island aircraft or helicopter (charters are available) to Honiara for mortuary services.  This will involve further costs, which can only be established on a case-by-case basis.

Local Circumstances

Due to extreme tropical conditions, burial or embalming should take place as soon as possible after death. The Central Referral Hospital in Honiara has a morgue, but it is not cold enough to hold bodies more than 48 hours.  Cost of Morgue: $100 per night.

Shipment by Air

International airlines will not uplift without the confirmed address of receiver in the United States. Please note that experience has shown that it can be difficult to secure confirmed onward transportation of the casket once it reaches LAX, especially if the ongoing carrier is a small domestic airline.  A U.S. based mortuary service provider may need to be engaged to assist with such services from port of entry in the United States to final destination.

The cost to uplift the Human Remain is varying depending on the international destination and the weights.  The most popular destination in the USA is Los Angeles and the approximate total cost is USD 2,750

  1. Local authorities responsible for licensing funeral directors and morticians: None.
  2. Local authorities responsible for making findings regarding the cause of death and for issuing death local certificates:

Death certificates are generally issued by the doctor attending the death at the National Referral Hospital in Honiara.  If a death occurs outside of the hospital, relatives of the deceased can provide proof of death to the National Referral Hospital and the death certificate will be issued by the medical superintendent.  Contact the Accounts and General Oversight Office on (+677) 23600 or (+677) 22812.

There are no regulations pertaining to the legal maximum period before burial of remains.

Embalming Services

The Central Referral Hospital in Honiara is able to provide embalming services.  They request that suitable clothing be given to the doctor performing the services to dress body after embalming.  Estimated cost of embalming:  USD 700.00

Cremation Services

The Honiara City Council can arrange for cremation.  Contact the City Council at +677 28294, or request assistance from the U.S. Consular Agency in Honiara.  The City Council requires at least 24-hour advance notice and request longer if possible.  Please note cremations are not a normal practice in Solomon Islands.  There is no guarantee of receiving the ashes cremation.  Cremation fee: USD 672.  PLUS the total cost of operation:  USD 9,000 (cost includes logistic support, labor, transport and all costs involved) The fee must be paid before work commences.

Caskets and Containers

Lead line coffins (for international shipment) are provided by LKP Hardware Ltd. (+677 -22594) Cost, regardless of size:  USD3,000.  This charge includes transportation, metal siling and soldering.

Wooden coffins (for local burials) are provided by Island Enterprises (+ 677- 30152).  Costs vary by size:

Extra Large (Gasket DX 2doors)               USD825.00

Large                                                            USD487.00

Standard                                                      USD 437.00

Medium                                                        USD312.50

Small 1 (5’ (L) x 1.7’ (w))                             USD 312.50

Small 2  (4’ (L) X 1.5 (w))                            USD112.50

Small baby (3’ (L) x 1.2’ (w))                      USD 112.50

Smallest size (1.8’ (L) x 1’ (w))                   USD 112.50

Delivery service (within Honiara only)      USD 375.00

After hours delivery fee                              USD 375.00


Exportation of Human Remains

Remains must be embalmed and a lead lined coffin must be used.  The embalmer will usually help organize the required documentation, which is included in the fee.  An ambulance service will not generally be provided to take casket to the airport, so transportation has to be hired.  St. John Ambulance provided a service at a cost of USD50 per trip within Honiara. International Medivac is a standard charge from anywhere in Honiara to the international airport is USD450.  In the short term to call the Ambulance call 73 98566 or emergency number 111

Airlines require the following documents in order to uplift remains:

  1. Customs export certificate (arranged by Solomon Airlines or freight agent)
  2. Death certificate by authorized authorities (Central referral hospital)
  3. Embalming certificates by authorized doctor
  4. Sealing Certificate
  5. Freight Charges paid by sender
  6. Passport: The original passport of the deceased is not required. A photocopy is acceptable.
  7. Police Report
  8. Medical report
  9. consignee’s contact address
Local Burials

Gravediggers charge USD 75 grave for an adult, USD 50 for a child.  Transport from the Central Referral Hospital to the cemetery by St. John Ambulance will cost USD 50

All cost estimates are based on an exchange rate on April 30, 2018 of $1.00 USD = 8.00 Solomon Dollars (SBD).

Exhumation and Shipment

It is against Solomon Island law to exhume bodies.  This can only be done through a court order and is very unusual.  Costs would be approximately SBD 1,250