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Extension (Amendment 0001) 19PP5022Q0005
May 26, 2022

SF30 NEC Move Solicitation Amend 0002 (PDF 2 MB)

This Amendment 0002 is initiated to correct the submission dates shown on RFQ letter dated April 25, 2022 and to give additional time for vendors to submit the requirements below not received. The submission date is being extend hence forth in accordance with 52.214-3 Amendments to Invitations for Bids, the number of days of the solicitation from thirty (30) calendar days to forty (40) calendar days. Correction of Date/Time – Submission date 4.00pm on May 24, 2022 is extended to 4.00pm June 6, 2022. No other changes will take effect in regards to Solicitation 19PP5022Q0005, all terms and conditions remain the same and in full force and effect.


Please note the following;-

1). System for Award Management (SAMS) & Defense Base Act (DBA) are two different requirements:

The link for SAMs registration is  (SAM’S link https://www.sam.gov).and attached will guide you with the registration process. Important to email your queries to the SAMS email contacts provided in the site or call the numbers provided.

2). which was located in Section 3 of the solicitation.



FAR 52.212-1, INSTRUCTIONS TO OFFERORS – COMMERCIAL ITEMS (SEP 2021) is incorporated by reference. (See SF-1449, block 27a).

ADDENDUM TO 52.212-1

  1. Summary of instructions. Each offer must consist of the following:

A.1. A completed solicitation, in which the SF-1449 cover page (blocks 12, 17, 19-24, and 30 as appropriate), and Section 1 has been filled out.

The Offeror shall include Defense Base Act (DBA) insurance premium costs covering employees. The offeror may obtain DBA insurance directly from any Department of Labor approved providers at the DOL website at http://www.dol.gov/owcp/dlhwc/lscarrier.htm ]

A.2. Information demonstrating the offeror’s/quoter’s ability to perform, including:

(1) Name and qualifications of a Project Manager [include the Deputy Project Manger if you required this position in 1.5E, Personnel] (or other liaison to the Embassy/Consulate) who understands written and spoken English;

(2) Evidence that the offeror/quoter operates an established business with a permanent address and telephone listing;

(3) List of clients over the past __three (3)_______ years, demonstrating prior experience with relevant past performance information and references (provide dates of contracts, places of performance, value of contracts, contact names, telephone and fax numbers and email addresses). If the offeror has not performed comparable services in three (3) then the offeror shall provide its international experience. Offerors are advised that the past performance information requested above may be discussed with the client’s contact person.

In addition, the client’s contact person may be asked to comment on the offeror’s:

◼ Quality of services provided under the contract;

◼ Compliance with contract terms and conditions;

◼ Effectiveness of management;

◼ Willingness to cooperate with and assist the customer in routine matters, and when confronted by unexpected difficulties; and

◼ Business integrity / business conduct.

The Government will use past performance information primarily to assess an offeror’s capability to meet the solicitation performance requirements, including the relevance and successful performance of the offeror’s work experience. The Government may also use this data to evaluate the credibility of the offeror’s proposal. In addition, the Contracting Officer may use past performance information in making a determination of responsibility.

(4) Evidence that the offeror/quoter can provide the necessary personnel, equipment, and financial resources needed to perform the work;

(5) The offeror shall address its plan to obtain all licenses and permits required by local law (see DOSAR 652.242-73 in Section 2). If offeror already possesses the locally required licenses and permits, a copy shall be provided.

(6) The offeror’s strategic plan for packing and moving services from the chancery to the NEC services to include but not limited to:

(a) A work plan taking into account all work elements in Section 1, Performance Work Statement.

(b) Identify types and quantities of equipment, supplies and materials required for performance of services under this contract. Identify if the offeror already possesses the listed items and their condition for suitability and if not already possessed or inadequate for use how and when the items will be obtained;

(c) Plan of ensuring quality of services including but not limited to contract administration and oversight; and

(d) (1) If insurance is required by the solicitation, a copy of the Certificate of Insurance(s), or (2) a statement that the contractor will get the required insurance, and the name of the insurance provider to be used.

(7) Description of vehicles, to include capacity/size/weight limits of cargo area, and other equipment to be used for the transport of shipments.

(8) Provide a written quality assurance plan describing steps the company will take to ensure the quality of service required by the contract is provided.

(9) Provide a company brochure.

(10) Provide a technical proposal, list of safety training/instructions provided to employee.

(11) Provide three (3) years of company audited financial statements signed by an audit firm.

Please check your files and ensure that you have submitted a complete offer.  I would have to have you disqualified because you forgot to add some documents.