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The Ambassadors Award for Woman of Courage
Nominees for Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, & Vanuatu
2018 Selection Season

What is the Ambassador’s Award for Woman of Courage?

Each year, the U.S. Embassy in Port Moresby selects three Women of Courage, one each from Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, and Vanuatu. This award honors women who are making history. Since the award’s inception in 2007, the Embassy has honored women who have risked their lives and well-being to stop human trafficking, gender-based violence, child marriage, and corruption. We have honored women who stood up for justice, human rights, constitutional reform, and the rule of law, disregarding any personal or professional risk. We encourage you to nominate women who have worked to better their societies, fight discrimination, resolve conflicts, as well as those who have taken risks to run for office or break down barriers in order to promote positive change. The winners will be honored in a special ceremony hosted by the U.S. Ambassador in commemoration of International Women’s Day in March. They will also be invited to participate in special events and programs supporting women throughout the year. As part of the select group of Women of Courage from their countries, they will provide inspiration and hope to women in towns and villages throughout the region.

Nomination Criteria and Process

Use this form to nominate an amazing woman you know from Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, or Vanuatu for this award. We will consider women who have taken unusual risks, surmounted obstacles, or challenged harmful cultural practices or discrimination in their efforts to defend and promote progress for women and girls, and for their societies as a whole. We encourage the recognition of emerging women leaders, innovators, and activists, particularly those whose achievements have not been recognized by the host government or the international community in the past. A woman of courage might be an educator, a health practitioner, a lawyer, or a human rights defender. She might be a religious leader, a healer, a political activist, or a peace builder. Women working in the political, human rights, economic, social, judicial, health, educational, press/media, peace and national reconciliation, and scientific and technological arenas are eligible.

Three women total will be selected: one from Papua New Guinea, one from Solomon Islands, and one from Vanuatu. Nominations are due by March 9, 2018 at 4:30 p.m., and can be submitted by e-mail, fax, mail, or hand delivered. Please submit completed applications to:

U.S. Embassy Port Moresby

Attention: Agatha Pio, Gender Issues Assistant

P.O. Box 1492, Douglas Street, Town, NCD, Port Moresby (across from Deloitte Tower)

E-mail: PDPortMoresby@state.gov

Phone: +675-321-1455, x2211 or +675-7091-5851

Fax: +675-321-1593

In the rare circumstance that the nominator does not have access to e-mail, fax, or is unable to turn in the nomination form by mail or in person, nominations may be called in over the phone (be prepared to read your completed application information to our staff over the phone).

Nominators are encouraged to provide as much information on the nominee as possible and to clearly articulate why the nominee should be considered for the Ambassador’s Woman of Courage Award. Be sure to complete this entire application, including the one page essay. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

One woman per country (one each for Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, and Vanuatu) will be chosen.

$500 will be given to a community-based organization chosen by the winners.