American Corners and Spaces


Bringing America to Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, and Vanuatu

American Corners American-style community centers located in libraries and other public spaces. They operate through joint partnerships to promote cooperation and understanding between the people of the United States and Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, and Vanuatu by providing accurate information about the U.S. Access to American Corners and their collections are free and open to all people of all ages.

Major programs and regular activities at all American Corners include American speakers, American movie screenings, leadership and language classes, storytelling and book clubs, debate and discussion clubs, MakerSpace activities and U.S. holiday celebrations.

American Corners offer important learning, collaboration, and communication resources, such as books, films, games, and internet access.

How can we benefit from the Corners?

  • Improve your English language skills;
  • Learn about opportunities to study at universities in the U.S.;
  • Expand your knowledge of leadership and entrepreneurship;
  • Attend interesting public programs;
  • Explore American holidays and traditions;
  • Learn about American society and democratic values;
  • Get hands-on experience using modern technologies;
  • Access more than books covering a range of topics and audio and video materials;
  • Play games designed for people of different ages;
  • Use these resources to develop your own ideas and projects; and
  • Make friends and meet like-minded people.


American Corner Port Moresby
The National Library of Papua New Guinea
Independence Dr, Waigani, Port Moresby
Hours: Monday – Friday 9am-4pm
Saturday 9am-1pm

American Shelf Don Bosco
Don Bosco Technical College


If you’d like to host an American Space, please email to schedule a meeting with our American Spaces coordinator.