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August 4, 2022

American Chamber of Commerce Coral Sea Recognizes Papua New Guinea's Young Leaders at First Event

Young business leaders, American Chamber of Commerce Coral Sea leadership, and U.S. Embassy staff at the Young Leaders Networking event in Port Moresby.

Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea – To celebrate the launch of the American Chamber of Commerce Coral Sea (AmCham Coral Sea), the Chamber hosted young Papua New Guinean business leaders for a networking reception. Young professionals met with both the leaders of the AmCham and U.S. embassy officials to share their stories.

This event marks AmCham’s first event within the business community upon becoming an official organization. Leaders chose this event as the first in order to spotlight that empowering young people and promoting inclusion is a cornerstone to the AmCham’s mission.

Winifred Kula, President and Co-founder of PNG Digital ICT Cluster, attended the event as a young leader. She said, “I really like the shared vision and mission of AmCham and the PNG Digital ICT Cluster association.  As we also believe in prosperity through partnership and entrepreneurship as a powerful strategy to help individuals gain economic independence and serve as a catalyst for creating jobs and wealth in our society and way of life.”

The recently established AmCham is committed to empowering all groups within Papua New Guinea to develop a diverse and equitable business community that will thrive in the decades to come. The AmCham notes the importance of youth voices in the business community, and empowering them is not only good for individual professional growth, but is also a key pillar in promoting a sustainable and strong economy.

During the event, Duncan Lowe, Business Development Manager at Airswift and AmCham founding member, emphasized the importance of empowering all groups to create an inclusive and sustainable business environment. He said, “AmCham Coral Sea represents an amazing opportunity to create meaningful relationships and positive impact in businesses, communities and our people in the Coral Sea and the Pacific.

The Chamber also works closely with the U.S. Embassy in Port Moresby. Joseph Zadrozny, Chargé d’Affaires, a.i. of the U.S. Embassy, said, “The United States is dedicated to our partnership with Papua New Guinea. We’re committed to supporting equal opportunity and economic growth in the region. And we are especially committed to supporting Papua New Guinea’s young people.”

Over the coming months, AmCham Coral Sea will continue to build its presence and outreach into the Papua New Guinea business community. The AmCham plans to host its inaugural Business Breakfast, as well as attend the 2022 Business Advantage PNG Investment Conference.

To learn more about the mission, vision, and future activities of the AmCham Coral Sea, as well as how to engage and become a member, please visit: https://AmChamCoralSea.org

For further information, please contact info@amchamcoralsea.org.