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August 4, 2022

American Chamber of Commerce Coral Sea Launches to Strengthen Ties Between Pacific and American Businesses

AmCham President and ExxonMobil PNG Managing Director Peter Larden

Port Moresby, PNG – Leading businesses in Papua New Guinea launched the American Chamber of Commerce Coral Sea (AmCham Coral Sea) to bolster investment and business ties between Pacific and American companies.

AmCham Coral Sea’s legal incorporation in PNG was officially presented during the Independence Day Celebration held on July 1, 2022 at the Hilton Hotel in Port Moresby. This announcement is the culmination of discussions among 12 businesses in Papua New Guinea, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), and the U.S. Embassy in Port Moresby.

Multinational and local businesses formalized the new business association with a vision of increasing prosperity through Pacific and American Partnership and promoting the values of integrity, transparency and accountability, and innovation.

“We encourage all local businesses and entrepreneurs interested in building ties with American companies to join us,” said AmCham President and ExxonMobil PNG Managing Director Peter Larden. “The AmCham Coral Sea’s aim is to help facilitate new and expanded relationships between local and U.S. businesses to assist in creating a diverse range of new opportunities for our members while supporting broader socioeconomic development in the region.”

Beginning with its launch in Papua New Guinea, AmCham Coral Sea seeks to strengthen business partnerships and advocacy across the Coral Sea region, and aims to expand in the coming years to include branches in Solomon Islands and Vanuatu.

“What better way to celebrate the 246th Independence Day of the United States than to launch the American Chamber of Commerce Coral Sea,” said U.S. Embassy Port Moresby Charge d’Affaires, a.i. Joseph Zadronzy. “The core ideals of AmCham – innovation, entrepreneurship, and strength through diversity – reflect our values as a country.  We are proud to continue strengthening ties with our Pacific neighbors through closer business relationships and economic trade.”

AmCham Coral Sea will serve as a key conduit among regional businesses and will provide vital services for its members. This includes acting as a networking and advocacy platform for American businesses operating in the Coral Sea region and Pacific businesses interested in doing business with the United States.

The new venture will provide insights and knowledge to promote a fair and competitive business environment that enables accountable investment and emboldens trade connections among its members. AmCham will engage the private sector as a key stakeholder in the development of an inclusive, resilient, and sustainable Coral Sea, through efforts to advance women’s and marginalized communities’ economic empowerment, among others.

AmCham Coral Sea underscored its role to serve as an inclusive, empowering, and forward-looking stakeholder with its first official event, hosting a young leaders networking event with senior AmCham leadership and representatives from the U.S. Embassy on June 30th. Over the coming months, AmCham Coral Sea intends to further deepen its local engagement and launch relationships by hosting its inaugural Business Breakfast and attending the 2022 Business Advantage PNG Investment Conference.

To learn more about the mission, vision, and future activities of AmCham Coral Sea, as well as how to engage and become a member, please visit: https://AmChamCoralSea.org

Please reach out to info@amchamcoralsea.org with questions or for further information.

Charge’d Affaires Joseph Zadrozny with USAID and PNG government officials at the launch of the American Chamber of Commerce.